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Articles for product: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6

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132668 Icons randomly change to different icons
224993 How to Prevent Web Sites From Obtaining Access to the Contents of Your Windows Clipboard
239473 FIX: 70rebind.exe for Windows 2000 and MDAC upgrades on clustered SQL Server 7.0 servers
300865 Downlevel clients in a Windows Server 2003-based domain display "No Alternative Name" on certificates
306508 PRB: ODBC User DSNs Not Visible on Terminal Server
323180 PRB: HTML Help Shortcuts May Fail When You Use Version 1.4 or Later
811886 PRB: CryptoAPI function Error "Error 0x80090006: Invalid Signature" Connecting to SQL Server by Using SQL Server Authentication
815455 Internet Explorer May Not Use the Expected MIME Type for Uploaded Files
841551 The "Description of the cluster pre-allocation algorithm in the NTFS file system" white paper is available