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Articles for product: Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 Professional Edition

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129795 PRB: Excel Doesn't Use Container's Name for Embedded Objects
147875 How To Use "DSN-Less" ODBC Connections with RDO and DAO
161299 How To Capture and Print the Screen, a Form, or Any Window
175512 How To Get a Short Filename from a Long Filename
183434 HOWTO: Use HTML Help API in a Visual Basic Application
189086 How To Create Context-Sensitive HTML Help in a Visual Basic App
189249 How to determine which 32-bit Windows version is being used
216399 How to convert between ASCII and EBCDIC character codes
217156 PRB: Jet Doesn't Honor AllowZeroLength=No When Table Created With CREATE TABLE SQL Statement
253282 PRB: Changes to ByRef Parameters in Script Event Handlers Are Not Passed to Controls
259100 SAMPLE: Vbhttp.exe Demonstrates How to Use HTTP WinInet APIs in Visual Basic