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Articles for product: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002 Academic Edition

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302342 HOW TO: Add ASP.NET Server Controls to a Web Form and Change Their Properties
306151 INFO: Visual Studio .NET Does Not Provide IntelliSense in ASPX Pages
306156 PRB: "The Project Is Not Configured to Be Debugged" Error Message When You Debug ASP.NET Applications
306163 PRB: "Unable to Start Debugging" Error Message When You Send Debug HTTP Request
306164 PRB: "Access Is Denied. Check the DCOM Configuration Settings for the Machine Debug Manager" Error Message When You Debug ASP.NET Applications
307862 PRB: Exception in Ifc_com.dll Module
309337 PRB: Exceptions Occur When You Run ASP.NET Applications and Inoculan Antivirus Software
310588 PRB: Security Toolkit Breaks ASP.NET Debugging in Visual Studio .NET
314110 PRB: DataGrid Shows Default Column Header Names in Design Mode
316370 BUG: Visual Studio .NET does not generate a code-behind declaration for Web User controls
316662 How to use ASP.NET validation controls from Visual Basic .NET or from Visual Basic 2005
316945 BUG: Changes to images are not displayed in the Visual Studio .NET design environment
316970 PRB: Debugger Fails to Hit the Breakpoint When You Debug an ASP.NET Web Application a Second Time
317094 BUG: Debugger skips client-side breakpoints in ASP.NET projects
318041 How to set up and use remote debugging in Visual Studio .NET or in Visual Studio 2005
318101 PRB: HTML User Control (.ascx File) May Not Work as Expected in Netscape
318597 You receive an error message "You do not have a license to use this control" when you use Visual Basic 6.0 controls in Visual Studio 2005 or in Visual Studio .NET
319842 BUG: Permissions error when you try to debug an ASP.NET Web application in Visual Studio .NET
320265 HOW TO: Use File Share Mode for a Share Other Than the Default wwwroot$ Share
320433 PRB: Error when you debug remote ASP.NET application
323843 HOW TO: Add a CSS Style Sheet Reference to All Web Forms in a Visual Basic .NET Web Project
325093 ASP.NET pages exhibit unexpected behavior because the server-side code is not processed
326356 HOW TO: Deploy an ASP.NET Web Application Using the Copy Project Feature in Visual Studio .NET
326497 PRB: "Unable to Open Web Project" Error Message If the Web Project Is Moved to Another Computer
811319 Debugger does not stop at the set breakpoints in a .NET-connected Web application when more than one file has the same file name
812832 ASP.NET configuration file processing ignores the codebase hints that appear in the Machine.config file
820109 PRB:HTML Controls Embedded Inside a Server Control Are Malformed When You Modify the Server Control Properties In Design View
822318 BUG: The Vs7jit.exe process still runs on the remote server when you end the debugging process
823241 Using PDF files in Visual Studio .NET or in Visual Studio 2005
825789 BUG: "Server Error" error message when you run an ASP.NET application in offline mode by using Visual Studio IDE
827492 FIX: You may receive error messages when you try to open an .aspx page in ASP.NET or in Visual Studio .NET 2002
829028 Description of the Microsoft application blocks for .NET topic: "Data Access Application Block Overview"
830611 You cannot open ASP.NET Web application project after deployment
831685 "Connection to the server cannot be established" error message when you try to create an ASP.NET Web application by using Visual Studio .NET
832742 How to deploy a .NET Framework application to run from a network location
833896 BUG: A user who is not an administrator in the VS Developers group cannot create an ASP.NET Web Application in Visual Studio .NET
833900 How to debug on computers that are running Windows XP and that are in the same Workgroup in Visual Studio .NET or in Visual Studio 2005
835390 Events are not raised for HTML controls that you run as server controls in Windows Server 2003
836734 You receive a "Cannot debug stored procedures" error message when you try to debug a SQL Server stored procedure in Visual Studio 2005 or in Visual Studio .NET
841712 Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) functionality is not supported from managed code
843329 The letter key is not underlined on a button control when you create a keyboard shortcut by using Visual Studio .NET or Visual Studio 2005
914200 How to convert European currencies programmatically by using the Excel MSoEuro component and how to use the Euro Currency Tools add-in
919085 Error message when you browse an .aspx page and the World Wide Web Publishing Service is configured to interact with the desktop: "The compiler failed with error code 128"
924667 MS07-012: Vulnerability in Microsoft Foundation Classes could allow for remote code execution