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Articles for product: SQL Server 2017 on Windows

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263889 How to troubleshoot blocking caused by compile locks
926930 Hard disk drive sector-size support boundaries in SQL Server
955644 Description of the "access check cache bucket count" and "access check cache quota" options that are available in the sp_configure stored procedure
2492477 SQL Agent job that executes a distributed query may fail with 65535, 782 or 7437 error messages
2806535 Recommendations and guidelines for the "max degree of parallelism" configuration option in SQL Server
4100766 "#N/A" returns when you run a multi-subselect query in SQL Server Analysis Services
4465462 "Assembly [name] cannot be migrated to SQL Server 2017" error in compatibility check for Configuration Manager database
4465518 Recommended updates and configuration options for SQL Server 2017 and 2016 with high-performance workloads
4469993 Supported SQL Server database compatibility level for SharePoint Server 2016 installations
4488254 Many CMEMTHREAD waits when many SchemaMgr Store entries exist in SQL Server
4488257 Inconsistent results in MKL computations because of a missing environment variable in Microsoft R Server or Machine Learning Server
4502457 "The transaction not longer valid" error when Database Mail fails to send a message in SQL Server
4502458 FIX: Running RESTORE VERIFYONLY logs a CREATE DATABASE event in a server audit specification that uses DATABASE_CHANGE_GROUP in SQL Server
4504104 Non-component VSS backups such as Azure Site Recovery jobs fail on servers hosting SQL Server instances with AUTO_CLOSE DBs
4560494 FIX: MDX queries with calculated measure using the "/" operator run slow in SSAS