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Articles for product: Microsoft Visual Basic 2005

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310082 How to extend a Web Form control to work with the validation controls by using Visual Basic .NET or Visual Basic 2005
314192 How to create an Outlook Calendar folder by using the HttpWebRequest class in Visual Basic 2005 or in Visual Basic .NET
315682 How to install an assembly in the Global Assembly Cache in Visual Basic .NET or in Visual Basic 2005
315698 How to write to and read from Microsoft Message Queue Server in Visual Basic 2005 or in Visual Basic .NET
315832 How to upload an image file to a Web site by using Visual Basic .NET or Visual Basic 2005
316662 How to use ASP.NET validation controls from Visual Basic .NET or from Visual Basic 2005
316719 How to set focus to Web Form controls by using client-side script
811658 How to use the Visual Studio .NET or Visual Studio 2005 native debugger to debug a Visual Basic 6.0 DLL when it is called from an ASP.NET application
836734 You receive a "Cannot debug stored procedures" error message when you try to debug a SQL Server stored procedure in Visual Studio 2005 or in Visual Studio .NET
896292 You receive a "The remote procedure call failed" error message when you upgrade a Visual Basic 6.0 project to Visual Studio .NET 2003 or Visual Studio 2005 on Windows Server 2003 SP1 or on Windows XP SP2
942460 System.FormatException occurs when attempting to convert a numeric string to a numeric data type