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Articles for product: Office 365

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10048 Accessing other people’s mailboxes in Office 365
10063 Creating and managing resource mailboxes in Office 365
10092 Troubleshooting free/busy issues in Exchange hybrid environment
10157 Sharing calendar and contacts in Office 365
17624 Microsoft Lifecycle FAQ—Office
257757 Considerations for server-side Automation of Office
2776497 The Office 365 DNS Diagnostic and DNS configuration
2812881 Error message when you try to verify a domain in Office 365
4026253 Connect Microsoft 365 to Gmail
4026644 Find your Office apps in Windows 10
4026911 Changing your settings in Microsoft 365 for business or education
4027149 Uninstall Office automatically
4027908 Find your Office product key
4028195 How to sign in to your Microsoft account
4028425 Cancel your Office 365 Home or Personal subscription
4039267 Change your country or region in Microsoft Store
4462769 Updates to Office 365 System Requirements (published Sept 6, 2018)
4499943 Attached Outlook items not retained in Office 365 Group Calendar meeting or appointment
4514534 "You don't have permission to create an entry in this folder" error when you add contacts to a contacts folder ​
4517854 Payment Services Directive 2 and Strong Customer Authentication
4522904 Potential disruption to customer websites and Microsoft products and services in Chrome version 79 and later
4537133 "We had trouble getting the featured templates and can't show them right now" error in Office 365 and Pro Plus 2016
4557055 FAQ for VBA solutions affected by April 2020 Office security updates
4558219 What is a Microsoft account?