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Articles for product: Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Standard Edition

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140696 INF: RAISERROR, PRINT, and the MS SQL Server ODBC Driver
171221 INF: List of Version Numbers of ODBC Driver Manager and SQL Server
178132 INFO: ODBC Client Error After Connecting Using MDAC SQL Server Driver
195757 Frequently asked questions - SQL Server 7.0 - Replication
209828 ACC2000: Update ODBC Stored Procedures with Office/Access 2000 SQL Script
221465 INF: Using the WITH MOVE Option with the RESTORE Statement
224818 Simple Memory Tuning is Required if Both SQL Server 7.0 and Exchange 5.5 Service Pack 2 Are Installed on BackOffice Small Business Server 4.5
229564 SQL application role errors with OLE DB resource pooling
230590 How to archive more than six SQL Server error logs
236407 BUG: Active/Passive Cluster Setup Breaks Replication and DTS
236825 PRB: #deleted seen when SQL Server 7.0 tables or SQL Server 6.5 tables that are linked to Access 97 or Access 2000 are opened
239725 BUG: SQL Server Error "Specified Column Precision 38 Is Greater Than the Maximum Precision of 28. (2750)" When Running Parameterized Query
240166 INFO: MDAC 2.1 Sets Session Pooling ON by Default
241147 PRB: SQL Server ODBC Driver Returns Output Parameter as a Result Set in a Plain SQL Statement
243352 INF: "DBCC TRACEON (208)" Messages in the Error Log When Using MSQuery
244455 Definition of sysprocesses waittype and lastwaittype columns for SQL Server 7.0
246255 How To Use a SQL Server 7.0 Distributed Query with a Linked Server to Secured Access Databases
246328 PRB: SQL performance counters may be missing after MDAC installation on a cluster
247070 BUG: Opening a Long-Running View from SQL Server Enterprise Manager Gets ODBC Timeout
249819 How to pass a timestamp value to or from SQL Server with ODBC API
252405 PRB: ADO EOF Returns True on SQL Server 7.0, Returns Time-out Error on SQL Server 6.5
253240 PRB: Errors Not Returned When Stored Procedure Statement Fails
253673 PRB: Recordset Based on SQL Server View Updates Base Tables
253817 How to back up the last transaction log when the master and the database files are damaged in SQL Server
256174 PRB: One or More Properties Cannot be Set on Query for OLE DB Provider SQLOLEDB
260249 DSN network library shown as "Other" in ODBC Administrator
273813 FIX: "Incorrect Syntax near the Keyword 'by' " Error Message with Column Names of "C", "CA" or "CAS"
281633 FIX: SQLOLEDB Provider incorrectly leaves transaction open
283860 FIX: "Cannot Open Database Requested" Error Connecting to Remote SQL Server
284942 PRB: ADO Does Not Support Default Values in Stored Procedures
285295 SQL Server 2000 changes name of RETURN_VALUE to @RETURN_VALUE
286370 PRB: OpenQuery Function Fails with Queries That Exceed 8000 Characters
288054 SAMPLE: RLockMFC.exe Demonstrates Row-Level Locking Using MFC and SQL Server
289573 PRB: Configuring DSNs with SQL Server Net-Libraries
293107 Clients cannot communicate to SQL Server through port 1433 or the port SQL Server is listening on
293873 PRB: ADO Recordset AddNew and Update Methods Ignore ANSI PADDING OFF Setting
294160 BUG: Update of Newly Inserted Row Causes DB_E_ERRORSOCCURRED
297502 PRB: Error -2147217887 "No Error Description" When You Send SQL Text Field to Output Stream
300420 FIX: Connection to SQL Server Database Using IP Address Is Unusually Slow
300519 FIX: Problems occur when connecting to SQL Server from ADO application
301953 Unenlisting from active transaction using SQLOLEDB provider of MDAC 2.6 release against SQL Server 7.0 causes hang and drain abort entry
305387 BUG: UpdateBatch Generates SQL Statement That Cannot Reuse SQL Server Query Plans
306649 Error message when you implement a nested transaction with the OLE DB Provider for SQL Server: "Could not start a transaction for OLE DB provider"
307775 INF: Disaster Recovery Articles for Microsoft SQL Server
313037 How to upgrade SQL Server clusters to Windows Server 2003
313418 An unsecured SQL Server server that has a blank (NULL) system administrator password allows vulnerability to a worm
319246 FIX: Error Dialog Box During SQL Server Database Backup
326839 Support WebCast: Microsoft SQL Server: How to Configure, Manage, Use, and Troubleshoot Linked Servers
820754 MDAC 2.6 or later should not be installed on SQL Server 7.0 clusters
829028 Description of the Microsoft application blocks for .NET topic: "Data Access Application Block Overview"