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Articles for product: Microsoft Open Database Connectivity 2.0

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171221 INF: List of Version Numbers of ODBC Driver Manager and SQL Server
176086 How To Retrieve Recordsets from Oracle Stored Procedures Using ADO
179236 INFO: Using SQLConfigDatasource with MS Oracle ODBC Driver
180193 FIX: DAO Oracle and the NUMBER Datatype
180211 BUG: Synonyms Do Not Work With Oracle Stored Procedures
180839 FIX: In-line Comments Parsed by Microsoft Oracle Driver
186380 BUG: Error When Using Table Aliases with Oracle ODBC Driver
236786 PRB: "Numeric Value Out of Range" Error when Calling GetFieldValue and Using SQL UNION
238849 PRB: Numbered Positioned Updates Against Oracle8i Database Server Fails
239099 FIX: Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle Truncates Error Messages
244554 FIX: Oracle ODBC Driver Appends Trailing Zero to Numeric Columns
250286 FIX: Error "Datetime field overflow" When Inserting Negative (B.C.) Dates with Oracle ODBC Driver
259959 INFO: Techniques to Debug Connectivity Issues to an Oracle Server Using the ODBC Driver and OLE DB Provider
262934 PRB: ActiveX Data Objects Update Method Fails When the SELECT Statement Contains a Subquery
269594 PRB: Error Message "[Microsoft][ODBC driver for Oracle] Syntax error or access violation;37000"
271852 BUG: MS Oracle ODBC Driver Truncates Trailing Spaces in Column Name
277667 PRB: SELECT DISTINCT Fails with Microsoft ODBC for Oracle
304394 FIX: Oracle Driver Doesn't Sort SQLPrimaryKeys Result Set by Key Sequence
827574 Information about the GuessTheColDef connection string attribute of the ODBC Driver for Oracle