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Articles for product: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition

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243218 Installation order for SQL Server 2000 Enterprise edition on Microsoft Cluster Server
273673 Description of SQL Virtual Server client connections
280294 FIX: SQL Server ODBC Driver reuses incorrect parameter length
294875 FIX: SQLTables() Function Returns No Data for SQL Server Database Names That Contain Underscore
301520 Error message when you install SQL Server cluster on Windows Server 2003-based computers where Terminal Services is installed: "Setup failed to perform required operations on the cluster nodes"
306985 Error message when you connect to a cluster virtual server by using the named pipes protocol: "The machines selected for remote communication is not available at this time."
313037 How to upgrade SQL Server clusters to Windows Server 2003
323135 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - How to set up log shipping (White paper)
325877 How to control access to a database on a Web server in Windows Server 2003
811054 Virtual SQL Server 2000 installation fails on a Windows Server 2003 cluster that has eight nodes
816937 FIX: A memory leak may occur when you use the sp_OAMethod stored procedure to call a method of a COM object
827805 MSDTC fails to mutually authenticate when computers do not run in the same domain
885460 FIX: You receive a "The process could not bulk copy into table '<TableName>' " error message when you run the Distribution Agent or the Merge Agent after you run the Snapshot Agent in SQL Server 2000
888121 TechNet Support WebCast: How to install a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 virtual server on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 cluster
903643 The Ntbackup.exe operation may break the differential backup chain of a SQL Server database and may invalidate the differential backups when you perform a snapshot backup of the database
904418 FIX: Event ID 20 "Volume Shadow Copy Service error" is logged when you back up the System State on a Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition-based computer that is running SQL Server 2000
911845 It takes a long time for the SQL Server service to start on a Windows Server 2003-based computer
916950 FIX: You may experience heap corruption, and SQL Server 2000 may shut down with fatal access violations when you try to browse files in SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager on a Windows Server 2003 x64-based computer
924151 Error message when you run a distributed transaction on a SQL Server 2005-based or SQL Server 2000-based failover cluster: "Resource Manager creation failed: result code = 0x8004d102"
935465 An updated version of Sqlvdi.dll is now available for SQL Server 2000