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Articles for product: Windows Server 2012

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178069 INFO: Storage of Private and Public Keys for MSMQ
234790 How To Find Servers That Hold Flexible Single Master Operations Roles
248410 "The Account-Identifier Allocator Failed to Initialize Properly" error in Windows Server
265090 How to troubleshoot an "Internal error" message during the replication phase of dcpromo
280061 How to move Windows DNS zones to another Windows server
292822 Name resolution and connectivity issues on a Routing and Remote Access Server that also runs DNS or WINS
305476 Initial synchronization requirements for Windows Server operations master role holders
306091 Description of NTDS replication warning IDs 1083 and 1061, and SAM error ID 12294 because of an Active Directory collision
307593 How to troubleshoot Event ID 1311 messages on a Windows domain
314282 Lingering objects may remain after you bring an out-of-date global catalog server back online
324097 Using language IDs to identify language packs for AD DS and AD LDS domain controllers
324737 How to turn on automatic logon in Windows
325616 How to turn on debug logging of the LDAP client (Wldap32.dll)
811770 Remote Assistance connection to Windows Server with FIPS encryption does not work
816099 HOW TO: Use Ntdsutil to find and clean up duplicate security identifiers in Windows Server
818020 Root hints reappear after they are removed
832017 Service overview and network port requirements for Windows
839879 Event ID 16650: The account-identifier allocator failed to initialize in Windows Server
840001 How to restore deleted user accounts and their group memberships in Active Directory
875495 A Windows Server domain controller logs Directory Services event 2095 when it encounters a USN rollback
887220 Description of TMQTools utilities for Microsoft Message Queuing
887433 User accounts are unexpectedly locked, and event ID 12294 is logged in Windows Server
888794 Things to consider when you host Active Directory domain controllers in virtual hosting environments
889711 You cannot promote a Windows Server domain controller to be a global catalog server
922918 A slow service does not start due to time-out error in Window
935744 "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation" error message when you use a Windows Server domain controller to join a Windows client computer to a domain
935834 How to enable LDAP signing in Windows Server
944351 AD replication is not working with event 1865 logged
947238 Event ID: 1530 may be logged in the Application log in Windows
951010 The ConflictAndDeleted folder size may exceed its configured limitation in Windows Server
956627 Kerberos tickets are issued even though the time difference between the client clock and the domain controller clock is greater than the "Maximum tolerance for computer clock synchronization" value
2005257 Access Denied to the NTDS VSS Writer
2287297 A COM+ application may stop working in Windows when a user logs off
2298620 VSS EventID 8193 is logged when you restart the Cryptographic Services service after you install the DHCP role on a computer
2493888 Terminal Services Easy Print is not supported if RDC ActiveX control is run in WOW64
2516445 Blocking the SBP-2 driver and Thunderbolt controllers to reduce 1394 DMA and Thunderbolt DMA threats to BitLocker
2618669 An update is available to detect and prevent too much consumption of the global RID pool on a domain controller
2627818 An update is available to strengthen the Windows Server Update Services channels in Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate
2638243 When SpecialPollInterval is used as a polling interval, the Windows Time service does not correct the time if the service gets into Spike state
2642658 You cannot create users, computers, or groups in a domain that has exhausted its global RID pool
2645996 Active Directory Replication Error 8451: "The replication operation encountered a database error"
2714823 Links are broken or content is missing when you update a website that is hosted on a computer that is running IIS 7.5
2779562 December 2012 cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems
2794119 Israel and Libya time zone update for Windows operating systems
2815633 Point and Print fails after switching drivers in Windows
2863058 August 2013 cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems
2897310 2013 - Morocco DST extension update
2904266 December 2013 cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems
2937670 Hotfix rollup 2937670 is available for the .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012
3048796 Hotfix rollup 3048796 for the .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012