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Articles for product: Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System version 2003

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823986 PRB: Primary Interop Assembly (PIA) install occurs the first time that you open a Microsoft Office document that is referenced by a managed code extension
823987 Build error message when the event name and the method name are the same in Excel 2003 and in Word 2003
823988 BUG: You cannot delete an Excel list row from the CommandButton Click event
824000 HOW TO: Determine Office Document and Managed Code Extension Paths at Run Time
824001 BUG: The Visual C# .NET IDE Stops Responding When You Add Either an Excel SheetSelectionChange Event or an Excel SheetBeforeRightClick Event
824002 Errors occur after you change the security policy for a managed code solution
824003 HOW TO: Change the Assembly Name or the Assembly Namespace for Your Office Managed Code Extension
824004 Certain Microsoft Office Excel 2003 properties do not appear in the Object Browser or in Microsoft IntelliSense when you automate Excel by using C#
824006 How To: Use the Estimates Sample When the Database and the Web Server Are on Different Computers
824007 PRB: ActiveX Control Events Are Not Handled When the Excel Macro Security Level Is Set to High
824013 "The assembly could not be found" error message when loading an Office 2003 managed code extension in Excel 2003 and in Word 2003
824015 PRB: Office 2003 Managed Code Extension Does Not Load
826826 BUG: The Code Is Not Disabled If You Press and Then Hold Down the SHIFT Key While You Open a Microsoft Excel Workbook from the Getting Started Task Pane
828089 INFO: Migrating from Microsoft Office XP Developer
830467 How to perform a callback into an assembly from a worksheet function
908003 FIX: Office 2003 crashes when you try to close a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet from a WinForm control in a Visual Studio Tools for the Office System version 2003 solution