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17454 Lifecycle FAQ—Internet Explorer and Edge
17455 Lifecycle FAQ—.NET Framework
17623 Utilities
17624 Microsoft Lifecycle FAQ—Office
17787 From SkyDrive to OneDrive
17920 Lifecycle FAQ—Dynamics
17958 From Hotmail to
17959 Lifecycle FAQ—developer tools
18403 Lifecycle FAQ—Device operating systems
18404 Lifecycle support policy FAQ - Windows Phone
18408 Troubleshoot the Install Application task sequence in Microsoft Configuration Manager
18486 Lifecycle FAQ—Azure
18581 Lifecycle FAQ—Windows products
20545 Lifecycle FAQ—.NET Core
20556 Lifecycle Security Update Policy
20803 Previous announcements
20804 Restore user mailboxes (mailbox recovery) in Exchange Online
21055 Change closed caption settings
27930 Make it easier to focus on tasks
27933 Make Windows easier to hear
30567 XL: IRR Returns #DIV/0! Instead of #NUM! If No IRR Exists
30580 How to declare an array of pointers to functions in Visual C++
30881 Modern Lifecycle Policy
30882 Lifecycle FAQ-Modern Policy
30970 XL: Calculating the Future Value of a Single Cash Flow in Excel
43098 Mac Adm: Steps for Adding New User(s)
43243 Mac Srv: How to Modify a User Group
45766 Mac Wkst: Sending Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) Messages
47345 Mac Form: HyperCard Needs 1000K RAM with Mail Form Designer
47506 Mac Wkst: Address Mail and Notifier Window Keyboard Shortcuts
47507 Mac DOS: Err Msg: "You Need to Run AppleTalk" with TOPS
47516 Mac Wkst: Read Window Keyboard Shortcuts
47517 Mail Wkst: Send Inquiry Screen Keyboard Shortcuts
47519 Mac Wkst: Send Window Keyboard Shortcuts
47520 Mac Wkst: Summary Window Keyboard Shortcuts
48879 Mac Adm: Blank Space User Names Not Allowed
48882 Mac Wkst: The Mail Notifier and Cricket Graph
48901 Mac Wkst: Err Msg: "Unknown Name" or "Incorrect Password"
48945 Mac Wkst: Keyboard Shortcuts for Cc and Bcc
50432 Mac Hyp: Write-Protected Stacks in HyperCard
58184 Mac Srv: How Serial Numbers Work in Microsoft Mail
58245 XL: Defined Names Not Sorted in Excel
59113 Mac Srv: Managing "Headless" Servers with Farallon's Timbuktu
59616 XL: Use of the IRR Function in Excel
60116 XL: Returning the Smallest Number Greater Than Zero
61269 XL: How to Copy Column Widths
61892 XL: PRODUCT Function Evaluates a Blank Cell as 1, Not Zero
65903 Number of significant digits MS Excel retains
66033 Hexadecimal Values Changed When Imported from .CSV File
68974 Mac Form: Field w/o Scroll Bars Limited to 256 Characters