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The XDocumentBeforeClose event does not occur when you exit InfoPath 2007 without first closing a form

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Consider the following scenario:
  • You design a new Microsoft Visual C# Add-in project for Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007.
  • You use the following code example to change the OnConnection event method. This code example also changes the applicationObject definition to Private ApplicationClass applicationObject;.
    applicationObject = (ApplicationClass)application;
    	addInInstance = addInInst;
                ((ApplicationEventsClass)applicationObject.Events).XDocumentBeforeClose += new 			_ApplicationEvents_XDocumentBeforeCloseEventHandler(Connect_XDocumentBeforeClose);
  • You add a method definition that resembles the following code example.
    void Connect_XDocumentBeforeClose(_XDocument pDocument, ref bool pfCancel)
  • You build and install the new add-in.
  • You open the form in InfoPath 2007.
  • You exit InfoPath 2007 without first closing the form.
In this scenario, the XDocumentBeforeClose event does not occur.

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This behavior occurs because the XDocumentBeforeClose event may prevent InfoPath 2007 to shut down by returning "fCancel=true". However, if the XDocumentBeforeClose event is called, the event is ignored, and the returned value may confuse some third-party developers. Therefore, use the Application::Quit command if you must perform cleanup tasks related to opened documents.

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This behavior is by design.

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