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Error 50 in Cluster Log and Distributed File System Root Does Not Come Online on a Cluster Service

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After you create a Distributed File System (DFS) root on a Windows Server 2003 cluster server, the DFS root may not come online on some of the cluster nodes, and the following information may be displayed in the cluster log file (Cluster.log):
000001e8.00000724::2002/10/25-21:14:36.099 WARN [CP] CpAddRegistryCheckpoint failing attempt to add duplicate checkpoint for SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfs\Roots\Standalone\dfsroot1 
00000350.00000654::2002/10/25-21:14:36.099 INFO File Share <dfsroot1>: Share dfsroot1 is a dfs root, online dfs 
00000350.00000654::2002/10/25-21:14:36.114 ERR File Share <dfsroot1>: SmbpPrepareOnlineDfsRoot: Failed to set DFS info for root dfsroot1, status 1168... 
00000350.00000654::2002/10/25-21:14:36.114 ERR File Share <dfsroot1>: Error 1168 bringing share dfsroot1, path h:\dfshr1 online. 
00000350.00000654::2002/10/25-21:14:36.114 INFO [RM] RmpSetResourceStatus, Posting state 4 notification for resource <dfsroot1> 
The following log file portion describes the DFS root trying to come online unsuccessfully:
000006b8.00000114::2002/10/26-00:57:05.355 ERR File Share <dfsroot1>: SmbpResetDfs: NetDfsSetInfo with VS name NNIP17 for root dfsroot1, status 50... 
000006b8.00000114::2002/10/26-00:57:05.464 ERR File Share <dfsroot1>: SmbpResetDfs: NetDfsSetInfo with computer name I4DELL4N3 for root dfsroot1, status 50... 
000006b8.00000114::2002/10/26-00:57:05.464 ERR File Share <dfsroot1>: Error in offlining the dfs root at this share 'dfsroot1'. Error 50. 
Note Error 50 in the Cluster log corresponds to the following error message:
The request is not supported.

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This problem may occur in one or more of the following scenarios:
  • You install Microsoft Cluster Services (MSCS) on one or more cluster nodes.
  • You stop the Cluster service, or the Cluster service stops because of a resource issue.
  • You start the Cluster service.
  • You create a DFS root on the cluster node, and then bring the DFS root online.

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To work around this problem, stop and then restart the DFS service, and then bring the DFS root resource online.

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Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.

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More information

When you install the DFS, it does not recognize that a node belongs to a cluster after the first cluster installation and before the computer is restarted. To work around this limitation in the DFS, the DFS service is restarted on the first DFS root that is online after an upgrade or a new installation. However, when the Cluster service stops on a cluster node before the DFS root is created, the DFS service may not restart, preventing it from recognizing other cluster nodes.

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