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KCC Error Event 1567 Occurs When You Install DNS on a Windows Server 2003-Based Domain Controller

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After you install the Domain Name service (DNS) on a Windows Server 2003-based domain controller, the following event may be listed in the Event Viewer Directory Service log:

Date:     <date>        Source:   NTDS KCC
Time:     <time>        Category: Knowledge Consistency
Type:     Error         Event ID: 1567
Computer: <computername>

Preferred bridgehead servers have been selected to support intersite replication 
with the following site using the following transport. However, none of these 
preferred bridgehead servers can replicate the following directory partition.

<Distinguished Name>
Distinguished Name
Directory partition:
Distinguished Name

User Action:
User Action 
Using Active Directory Sites and Services, do the following: 

- Configure a domain controller that can support replication of this directory 
partition as a preferred bridgehead server for this transport. You can do this by 
modifying the corresponding server. 
- Verify that the corresponding Server objects have a network address for this 
transport. For example, domain controllers that replicate using the SMTP transport 
must have a mailAddress attribute. This attribute is typically configured 
automatically after the SMTP service is installed. 

Until this is rectified, the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) will consider all 
domain controllers in this site as possible bridgehead domain controllers for this 
directory partition.

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This issue may occur if the following conditions exist:
  • You promote the Windows Server 2003-based computer to act as a domain controller in a Microsoft Windows 2000 domain.
  • You specify a Windows 2000-based server as the preferred bridgehead server for a site in the domain.
  • You transfer the domain naming operations master role to the Windows Server 2003-based domain controller.
When you install DNS on a Windows Server 2003-based domain controller that holds the domain naming operations master role, the installation process creates the following two new Application directory partitions:
  • DomainDnsZones
  • ForestDnsZones
These partitions are specific to Windows Server 2003. When the preferred bridgehead servers are configured as only Windows 2000-based domain controllers, these new partitions cannot be replicated, and the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) generates the event ID 1567.

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To resolve this issue, configure a Windows Server 2003-based domain controller as the preferred bridgehead server. The Windows Server 2003-based domain controller can successfully replicate this new partition information.

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To work around this issue, do not specify a preferred bridgehead server in Active Directory Sites and Services. The Windows Server 2003-based domain controller can then replicate this new partition information.

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