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"You do not have exclusive access to the database" error in Access

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When multiple users share a single Microsoft Access database, and you try to open a specific form or report object, you receive the following error message:

You do not have exclusive access to the database at this time.

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The following combination of settings and conditions triggers an object update: 
  • Multiple users have the same database file open.
  • The Compact On Close database setting is selected.
  • The Track name AutoCorrect info and Perform name AutoCorrect database settings are both selected.
  • The form or report object you’re trying to open contains an embedded macro within a control or form event.

In this situation, Access tries to save the changes but cannot gain exclusive access to the object.

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To prevent this error, do one of the following:
  • Use the split database approach so that each user has a local copy of the front-end database. For more information, see Split an Access database.
  • Clear the Compact On Close check box at File -> Options -> Current Database –> Application Options.
  • Clear the Perform Name AutoCorrect check box at File -> Options -> Current Database -> Name AutoCorrect Options.
  • Remove embedded macros from the form, or report and replace them with either named macros or VBA event procedures.

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