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ChkDsk Utility Runs on the Shared Cluster Hard Disk When You Bring a Physical Disk Resource Online

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When you try to bring a physical disk resource to an online state by using the Microsoft Cluster Administrator utility, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:
  • The resource may fail to come online, or it may come online after a brief delay.
  • The Chkdsk utility with the /F switch runs on the shared hard disk.
  • Event ID: 1066 with a description similar to the following appears in the System log of the Event Viewer:
    Cluster resource Disk Y:: is corrupt. Running ChkDsk /F to repair problems.

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More information

To troubleshoot this issue, run the ChkNTFS utility to determine the state of the dirty bit. If the bit is reported as dirty, see the following article for additional troubleshooting steps:
176970 How to Run the CHKDSK /F Command on a Shared Cluster Disk
If the bit is not reported as dirty, this issue may be caused by a permissions issue. When the Cluster service brings a physical disk resource online, it performs the following steps to detect potential corruption of the disk resource:
  1. It opens a temporary file named zClusterOnlineChk.tmp at the root of the hard disk.
  2. It writes a test pattern, and then saves the file.
  3. It re-opens the file, reads, and then verifies the data.
  4. It deletes the file.
If any part of the previous operation is unsuccessful, the Cluster service determines that the hard disk is corrupted and the ChkDsk /F utility is run to repair possible damage.

The Cluster service account requires at least Modify permissions to the root of the hard disk to perform the previous operations. Entries similar to the following may appear in the cluster log file (cluster.log) when a permissions issue causes the Chkdsk utility to run:
Physical Disk Disk Y:DisksWriteTestFile: Creating test file (Y:\zClusterOnlineChk.tmp) 
Physical Disk Disk Y:DisksWriteTestFile: CreateFile for (Y:\zClusterOnlineChk.tmp) failed 5 
Physical Disk Disk Y:DisksWriteTestFile: Returns status 5
Note In the previous listing, Status 5 corresponds to the following error message:
Access denied.

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