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April 2016 cumulative update 4.0.7577.728 for Lync Server 2010, core components

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This article describes a cumulative update that improves the reliability, stability, and performance of Microsoft Lync Server 2010 core components. Additionally, this cumulative update resolves lists of issues. The version number of this update is 4.0.7577.728. 

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Get cumulative update KB3148805 for Lync Server 2010 core components

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Release Date: April 2016

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119591 How to obtain Microsoft support files from online services
Microsoft scanned this file for viruses. Microsoft used the most current virus-detection software that was available on the date that the file was posted. The file is stored on security-enhanced servers that help prevent any unauthorized changes to the file.


There are no prerequisites for installing this cumulative update.

Update replacement information

This cumulative update replaces the May 2015 cumulative update 4.0.7577.713 for Lync Server 2010 core components.

Registry information

To use one of the cumulative updates in this package, you do not have to make any changes to the registry.

Update package installation information

To apply this cumulative update, install the OcsCore.msp package on the computers that are running the following server roles:
  • Lync Server 2010 - Standard Edition Server
  • Lync Server 2010 - Enterprise Edition - Front-end server
  • Lync Server 2010 - stand-alone Audio Video Conferencing Server
  • Lync Server 2010 - Director
  • Lync Server 2010 - Edge Server
  • Lync Server 2010 - stand-alone Mediation Server
  • Lync Server 2010 - Monitoring Server
  • Lync Server 2010 - Archiving Server
  • Lync Server 2010 - Administration Tools
  • Lync Server 2010 - Survivable Branch Server
  • Lync Server 2010 - Trusted Application Server
  • You can update the server pools in any order.
  • We recommend that you upgrade all server pools to the same version of the cumulative update.
On a Standard Edition server and an Enterprise Edition - Front-end server, you must run the following cmdlet after you install this update package:
Install-CsDatabase -Update -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn <EEBE.Fqdn> -UseDefaultSqlPaths
  • Upgrade all front-end servers in the server pool before you run the cmdlet.
  • In a Lync Server 2010 Standard Edition environment, run the cmdlet from the Standard Edition server.
  • In a Lync Server 2010 Enterprise Edition environment in which the archiving/monitoring services are collocated with an Enterprise Edition back-end server, run this cmdlet from the Enterprise Edition back-end server.
  • In a Lync Server 2010 Enterprise Edition environment in which the archiving/monitoring services are not collocated with an Enterprise Edition back-end server, run this cmdlet from the Enterprise Edition front-end server.
If the RTCDyn databases are removed after you run the cmdlet without the UseDefaultSqlPaths parameter, run the following cmdlet to restore the RTCDyn databases:
Install-CsDatabase -Update -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn <EEBE.Fqdn> -DatabasePaths < RtcDyn log path >, < RtcDyn data path > 
Note The RtcDyn log is located in the path of the Rcdyn.ldf file. The RtcDyn data is located in the path of the Rtcdyn.mdf file.

Removal information

To remove this cumulative update, use the Add or Remove Programs item in Control Panel.

Sometimes, when you try to remove this cumulative update, you are prompted for the source CD. If this behavior occurs, insert the source CD, or provide the path to the location of the source files.
File information
The global version of this cumulative update uses a Microsoft Windows Installer package to install the cumulative update. The dates and the times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in the following table. When you view the file information, the date is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time item in Control Panel.

After the cumulative update is installed, the global version of this cumulative update has the file attributes, or a later version of the file attributes, that are listed in the following table:
File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform
Aggregatorsprocdef.sqlNot Applicable471,43421-Sep-201215:26Not Applicable
Dbcommon.sqlNot Applicable20,51921-Jul-201102:32Not Applicable
Dbrtc.sqlNot Applicable1,283,46927-Sep-201309:14Not Applicable
Dbrtccdr.sqlNot Applicable502,57325-May-201204:14Not Applicable
Dbsetup.wsfNot Applicable108,75427-Sep-201309:14Not Applicable
File_default.tmxNot Applicable19,695,93030-Mar-201613:42Not Applicable
File_deployreports.ps1Not Applicable24,96125-May-201208:30Not Applicable
File_gac_microsoft.rtc.synthetictransactions.mcxresources.dll.de_de4.0.0.015,24830-Mar-201614:06Not Applicable
File_gac_microsoft.rtc.synthetictransactions.mcxresources.dll.es_es4.0.0.015,24830-Mar-201614:06Not Applicable
File_gac_microsoft.rtc.synthetictransactions.mcxresources.dll.fr_fr4.0.0.015,24830-Mar-201614:06Not Applicable
File_gac_microsoft.rtc.synthetictransactions.mcxresources.dll.it_it4.0.0.015,24830-Mar-201614:06Not Applicable
File_gac_microsoft.rtc.synthetictransactions.mcxresources.dll.ja_jp4.0.0.015,76030-Mar-201614:06Not Applicable
File_gac_microsoft.rtc.synthetictransactions.mcxresources.dll.ko_kr4.0.0.015,24830-Mar-201614:06Not Applicable
File_gac_microsoft.rtc.synthetictransactions.mcxresources.dll.pt_br4.0.0.015,24830-Mar-201614:06Not Applicable
File_gac_microsoft.rtc.synthetictransactions.mcxresources.dll.zh_cn4.0.0.014,73630-Mar-201614:06Not Applicable
File_gac_microsoft.rtc.synthetictransactions.mcxresources.dll.zh_tw4.0.0.014,73630-Mar-201614:06Not Applicable
File_localocscmdlets.format.ps1xmlNot Applicable214,73113-Jan-201510:17Not Applicable,317,73613-Jan-201510:17x86 Applicable7,640,67925-May-201203:33Not Applicable Applicable8,365,55409-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable8,249,78509-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable8,373,49909-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable8,293,74909-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable8,796,74009-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable8,175,44409-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable6,928,38209-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable7,514,65909-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable7,546,87709-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable,260,40013-Jan-201510:17x86 Applicable409,09915-Nov-201116:11Not Applicable Applicable445,70509-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable438,03909-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable444,20409-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable446,57809-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable483,87609-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable438,97109-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable364,44609-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable397,98409-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable Applicable399,63709-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable
File_ocstypes.ps1xmlNot Applicable483,12824-Jun-201320:05Not Applicable
File_remoteocscmdlets.format.ps1xmlNot Applicable217,51813-Jan-201510:17Not Applicable
File_reportdata.xmlNot Applicable6,899,31818-Feb-201307:54Not Applicable
File_reportdata1_de_de.xmlNot Applicable6,916,97509-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable
File_reportdata1_en_us.xmlNot Applicable6,899,31818-Feb-201307:54Not Applicable
File_reportdata1_es_es.xmlNot Applicable6,916,78309-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable
File_reportdata1_fr_fr.xmlNot Applicable6,927,91809-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable
File_reportdata1_it_it.xmlNot Applicable6,913,34509-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable
File_reportdata1_ja_jp.xmlNot Applicable6,931,38409-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable
File_reportdata1_ko_kr.xmlNot Applicable6,906,33209-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable
File_reportdata1_pt_br.xmlNot Applicable6,913,09609-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable
File_reportdata1_zh_cn.xmlNot Applicable6,874,80409-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable
File_reportdata1_zh_tw.xmlNot Applicable6,876,78609-Feb-201608:45Not Applicable
File_rgsconfigdbsetup.wsfNot Applicable100,14518-Feb-201217:57Not Applicable
File_rgsconfig_schema.sqlNot Applicable17,69618-Feb-201219:23Not Applicable
File_rgsdyn.sqlNot Applicable19,30118-Feb-201217:57Not Applicable
File_rgsdyndbsetup.wsfNot Applicable99,89918-Feb-201217:57Not Applicable
File_user.format.ps1xmlNot Applicable31,79224-Jun-201320:04Not Applicable
Msdiagmetadata.sqlNot Applicable454,91315-Nov-201118:34Not Applicable

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