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Computer does not join the domain if encrypted domain administrator password is in the Identification section of an unattended answer-file

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If you run a Windows XP unattended answer-file that includes an encrypted domain administrator password in the [Identification] section, the computer may not join the domain. The following text is an example of an unattended answer-file that includes an encrypted domain administrator password:
DomainAdmin= installer

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This issue may occur because the network Setup procedure does not support an encrypted domain administrator password in the [Identification] section in an unattended answer-file.

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To work around this issue, change the password to a clear text form and use the DomainAdminPassword parameter.

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More information

The Windows XP Deploy.chm help file incorrectly lists the EncryptedDomainAdminPassword entry as a option. It also mentions the Hashpwd.exe utility. Both are documentation errors.

The only password that can be encrypted is the administrator password. The Setupmgr.exe utility can be used to encrypt the administrator password.

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