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November 2015 cumulative update 6.0.9319.102 for Skype for Business Server 2015, Shared Line Appearance

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The Shared Line Appearance feature lets you configure a group of up to 25 Voice over IP (VoIP) devices in order to share call answering to the same shared number (extension).

Additionally, Shared Line Appearance offers Skype for Business Server 2015 Admin PowerShell commands for performing the following tasks:
  • Configure Shared Line Appearance groups and their shared numbers.
  • Add a device to and remove a device from a Shared Line Appearance group.
  • View all devices that are configured for a particular shared number.
  • View a shared number that a device is configured for.
  • Set the Maximum Number of Calls value for every Shared Line Appearance group.
  • Quickly divert all incoming calls to an alternative number by setting Maximum Number of Calls to 0.
Additionally, Shared Line Appearance lets administrators set Maximum Number of Calls for every Shared Line Appearance group to its incoming call line capacity. When the volume of incoming calls exceeds the group line capacity, or when Maximum Number of Calls is set to 0, the following options can be configured:
  • Busy on Busy – excess calls are automatically rejected with a busy signal.
  • Call Forward Busy – excess calls are routed to an alternative number that's configured for the Shared Line Appearance group.
  • Voicemail on Busy - excess calls are automatically forwarded to voice mail.
Moreover, the users of VoIP devices within the same Shared Line Appearance group can:
  • Share the answering of incoming calls for the group's shared number.
  • View the call status of the shared lines from any device in the same group.
  • Put calls on hold (park calls), and retrieve them from another device in their Shared Line Appearance group.
  • Transfer calls to a number outside the Shared Line Appearance group.
  • Make and receive calls on the device's private line.

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How to apply this update

To install this cumulative update, you must follow the steps that are described in the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

3061064 Updates for Skype for Business Server 2015

Note The Cumulative Server Update Installer applies all updates for the appropriate server role in one operation.

To make the cmdlets available over Windows PowerShell Remote Management, run the Update-CsAdminRole command one time from a Skype for Business Server Management Shell.

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More Information

For additional guidance about planning and deploying Shared Line Appearance in your environment, see the following TechNet articles:

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