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The meaning of state codes in the Cluster log

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This article discusses the state codes that are displayed in the Cluster.log file.

NOTE: These state codes had been originally documented in the Resource Kit for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server in the Cluster Log Basics section.

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More information

When Microsoft Windows 2000 is installed, it enables the Cluster Logging feature, by default. If you want more information about this topic, refer to the following article:
234767 Microsoft Cluster Server Logging Enhancements in Windows 2000
In Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, the Cluster Logging feature has to be manually enabled. If you want to enable this feature in Windows NT 4.0, refer to the following article:
168801 How to Enable Cluster Logging in Microsoft Cluster Server

You can obtain error code or status code information, at a command prompt, by typing net helpmsg "error code".

In the cluster log you may receive the following error message:
388.4e8::1999/06/09-20:20:57.281 [NM] Received advice that node 2 has failed with error 5 state 1.
With an "error 5" you can use the net helpmsg 5 command which causes the output of an "Access is denied" message. If you correlate "state 1" to the following list, you can observe that "state 1" equates to "ClusterNodeDown". You could then use this information from the cluster log and decide if there is a permissions problem with the Cluster service.

Different components of the Cluster service create different state codes. The core components and their state codes are in the following lists:

State Codes for Cluster Groups

  • -1 ClusterGroupStateUnknown
  • 0 ClusterGroupOnline
  • 1 ClusterGroupOffline
  • 2 ClusterGroupFailed
  • 3 ClusterGroupPartialOnline

State Codes for Cluster Nodes

  • -1 ClusterNodeStateUnknown
  • 0 ClusterNodeUp
  • 1 ClusterNodeDown
  • 2 ClusterNodePaused
  • 3 ClusterNodeJoining

State Codes for Cluster Resources

  • -1 ClusterResourceStateUnknown
  • 0 ClusterResourceInherited
  • 1 ClusterResourceInitializing
  • 2 ClusterResourceOnline
  • 3 ClusterResourceOffline
  • 4 ClusterResourceFailed
  • 128 ClusterResourcePending
  • 129 ClusterResourceOnlinePending
  • 130 ClusterResourceOfflinePending

State Codes for Networks

  • -1 ClusterNetworkStateUnknown
  • 0 ClusterNetworkUnavailable
  • 1 ClusterNetworkDown
  • 2 ClusterNetworkPartitioned
  • 3 ClusterNetworkUp

State Codes for Network Interfaces

  • -1 ClusterNetInterfaceStateUnknown
  • 0 ClusterNetInterfaceUnavailable
  • 1 ClusterNetInterfaceFailed
  • 2 ClusterNetInterfaceUnreachable
  • 3 ClusterNetInterfaceUp

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