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Displaced lines in Access form headers in 125% or 150% display setting

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When you open forms in a Microsoft Access Desktop Database template on a machine where the display setting is 125% or 150%, lines appear through the text in the form header. The following are�two of the desktop database templates that are affected:

  • Desktop Project Management
    • Project List form
    • Project Details form
    • Employee List form
    • Employee Details form
    • Completed and Deferred Projects form
    • Task Details form

  • Desktop Issue Tracking
    • Issue List form
    • Issue Details form

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An image is embedded in the form's Picture property. The embedded image does not resize when you resize the computer's display. The placement of the image in the larger display settings causes the lines in the image to appear out of place on the form.

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Remove the image from the form's picture property. To do so:
  1. Open each of the affected forms in design view by clicking the View�icon on the ribbon and selecting Design view.
  2. If the property sheet does not appear, click the Property Sheet icon in the Tools section on the ribbon.
  3. If "Form" does not appear in the Selection type dropdown at the top of the Property Sheet, select "Form".
  4. On the Format tab, click in the cell to the right of the Picture property.
  5. Highlight the name of the picture and press the Delete key. Click yes when prompted to remove the picture from the form.
  6. Close and save the changes to the form.

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More information

Steps to reproduce:

  1. On the desktop of your machine right click and select personalize.
  2. Select Display.
  3. Select Medium - 125% or Larger - 150%.
  4. Click Apply and reboot if prompted.
  5. Start Microsoft Access 2013.
  6. On�the Access opening screen scroll down to locate�the Desktop Project Management template.
  7. Select it and Click Create.
  8. When the Project List form opens you will see a line through the links for "New Project" "Collect Data" "E-mail List" "Employee List" "Reports", "Provide Feedback"

Note: The templates were built for Microsoft Access 2007. Some features in the templates, such as Collect Data and charting components were deprecated in Microsoft Access 2013. For a list of changes to Microsoft Access 2013 see:

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