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Description of the OneNote 2013 update: May 14, 2013

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Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft OneNote 2013. This update provides the latest fixes for the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of OneNote 2013. Additionally, this update contains stability and performance improvements.

Issue that this update fixes

  • Assume that you have a notebook in OneNote 2013 that contains images. When you resize the notebook to a smaller size or zoom out of the notebook so that the notebook is displayed in a smaller size, the images appear pixelated.

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Update details

This update does not replace any previously released update.

How to obtain and install the update

Note This update applies to versions of Office 2013 that were installed by using MSI. This update does not apply versions of Office 2013 that were installed by using Click-to-Run.

To identify how Office 2013 was installed, follow these steps:
  1. Start an Office 2013 application such as Microsoft Word 2013.
  2. On the File menu, click Account.
  3. If Office 2013 was installed by using Click-to-Run, an Update Options item is displayed. If Office 2013 was installed by using MSI, the Update Options item is not displayed.
To get the stand-alone package for this update, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

For more information about how to download Microsoft support files, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
119591 How to obtain Microsoft support files from online services
Microsoft scanned this file for viruses. Microsoft used the most current virus-detection software that was available on the date that the file was posted. The file is stored on security-enhanced servers that help prevent any unauthorized changes to the file.

Restart information

You do not have to restart the computer after you install this update.

How to determine whether the update is installed

This update contains the files that are listed in the following tables.
File name File version File size Date Time
Iecontentservice.exe 15.0.4505.1000 512,736 9-Mar-13 15:14
Onbttnie.dll.x64 15.0.4505.1000 733,912 9-Mar-13 16:47
Onbttnie.dll.x86 15.0.4505.1000 588,504 9-Mar-13 15:14
Onbttnol.dll 15.0.4505.1000 771,760 9-Mar-13 15:14
Onbttnppt.dll 15.0.4505.1000 475,832 9-Mar-13 15:14
Onbttnwd.dll 15.0.4505.1000 476,328 9-Mar-13 15:14
Onenote.exe 15.0.4505.1000 1,744,536 9-Mar-13 15:14
Onenotelsa.dll 15.0.4505.1000 468,672 9-Mar-13 15:14
Onenotem.exe 15.0.4454.1000 158,296 8-Mar-13 21:54
Onmain.dll 15.0.4505.1000 9,483,936 9-Mar-13 15:14
Onpptaddin.dll 15.0.4505.1000 498,872 9-Mar-13 15:14
Onres.dll 15.0.4505.1000 5,277,864 9-Mar-13 15:14
Onwordaddin.dll 15.0.4505.1000 547,496 9-Mar-13 15:14
File name File version File size Date Time
Iecontentservice.exe 15.0.4505.1000 663,264 9-Mar-13 15:32
Onbttnie.dll.x64 15.0.4505.1000 733,912 9-Mar-13 15:32
Onbttnie.dll.x86 15.0.4505.1000 588,504 9-Mar-13 15:37
Onbttnol.dll 15.0.4505.1000 980,672 9-Mar-13 15:32
Onbttnppt.dll 15.0.4505.1000 597,192 9-Mar-13 15:32
Onbttnwd.dll 15.0.4505.1000 597,672 9-Mar-13 15:32
Onenote.exe 15.0.4505.1000 2,222,232 9-Mar-13 15:32
Onenotelsa.dll 15.0.4505.1000 608,960 9-Mar-13 15:32
Onenotem.exe 15.0.4454.1000 185,944 8-Mar-13 21:54
Onmain.dll 15.0.4505.1000 14,162,080 9-Mar-13 15:32
Onpptaddin.dll 15.0.4505.1000 637,624 9-Mar-13 15:32
Onres.dll 15.0.4505.1000 5,277,880 9-Mar-13 15:32
Onwordaddin.dll 15.0.4505.1000 695,464 9-Mar-13 15:32
Office Home and Student 2013 RT
File name File version File size Date Time
Iecontentservice.exe 15.0.4505.1000 725,456 9-Mar-13 15:12
Onbttnol.dll 15.0.4505.1000 919,968 9-Mar-13 15:12
Onbttnppt.dll 15.0.4505.1000 695,720 9-Mar-13 15:12
Onbttnwd.dll 15.0.4505.1000 695,704 9-Mar-13 15:12
Onenote.exe 15.0.4505.1000 1,913,224 9-Mar-13 15:12
Onenotelsa.dll 15.0.4505.1000 659,888 9-Mar-13 15:12
Onmain.dll 15.0.4505.1000 10,708,368 9-Mar-13 15:12
Onpptaddin.dll 15.0.4505.1000 720,296 9-Mar-13 15:12
Onres.dll 15.0.4505.1000 5,279,640 9-Mar-13 15:12
Onwordaddin.dll 15.0.4505.1000 763,288 9-Mar-13 15:12

How to uninstall this update

Windows 8
  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search. If you are using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, and then click Search.
  2. Type windows update, tap or click Settings, and then tap or click View installed updates in the search results.
  3. In the list of updates, locate and then tap or click update 2760334, and then tap or click Uninstall.

Windows 7
  1. Click Start, and then click Run.
  2. Type Appwiz.cpl, and then click OK.
  3. Click View installed updates.
  4. In the list of updates, locate and then click update 2760334, and then click Uninstall.
The Office System TechCenter contains the latest administrative updates and strategic deployment resources for all versions of Office. For more information about the Office System TechCenter, go to the following Microsoft website:

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