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Gradient fill graphics created in earlier versions of PowerPoint do not appear as expected in PowerPoint 2013

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Shapes created in earlier versions of PowerPoint that contain 2 stop gradient transparencies may be distorted when opened in PowerPoint 2013. 

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To fix this issue automatically, click on the Fix-It below:

Note: The fix-it only changes 2 stop gradient shapes that have transparency of 100% on one of the stops. Once the fix-it is runs these shapes will look correct in not only PowerPoint 2013 but also in earlier versions of PowerPoint. 

To fix this issue manually follow the steps below:
  1. On every shape with 2 gradient stops
  2. If either the 1st or 2nd stop is set to a color with 100% transparency
  3. Change the opposite stop color to match the first stop color - making sure transparency remains at 100% (and does not reset to 0%). 

      - You have a shape with 2 gradient stops

      - 1st stop is the color White, the transparency is 0%

      - 2nd stop is the color Black, the transparency is 100%

     - Change 2nd stop color to White, transparency 100%

For more information on using transparencies in PowerPoint 2013, start PowerPoint, press F1 to bring up the Online Help, and search the word transparencies.

For more information on this issue check the link below:

Comparing Direct2D and GDI Hardware Acceleration (Windows)

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