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[SDP 3][9298ce98-4149-47bb-8970-ba210bb58212] Information about the Remote Desktop Services Diagnostic

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The Remote Desktop Services Diagnostic tool enables you to troubleshoot common issues and collect information about the following Remote Desktop Services (RDS) role services in Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012:
  • Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host)
  • Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access)
  • Remote Desktop Connection Broker (RD Connection Broker)
  • Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway)
  • Remote Desktop Licensing (RD Licensing)

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More Information

When you run the Remote Desktop Services Diagnostic for SDP on a computer that is experiencing issues with specific RDS functionality, the following information may be collected.


DescriptionFile Name
Event Log - Application - text, csv, and evtx formatsComputername_evt_Application.*
Event Log - System - text, csv, and evtx formatsComputername_evt_System.*
Event Log - Security - text, csv, and evtx formatsComputername_evt_Security.*
Event Log - Microsoft-Windows-TerminalServices* - text, csv, and evtx formatsComputername_evt_TerminalServices*.*
Event Log - Microsoft-Windows-RemoteApp* - text, csv, and evtx formatsComputername_evt_RemoteApp*.*
Event Log - Microsoft-Windows-RemoteFX*- text, csv, and evtx formatsComputername_evt_RemoteFX*.*
Event Log - Microsoft-Windows-Rdms-UI*- text, csv, and evtx formatsComputername_evt_Rdms-UI*.*
Event Log - Microsoft-Windows-RemoteDesktop*- text, csv, and evtx formatsComputername_evt_RemoteDesktop*.*
Event Log - Microsoft-Windows-Hyper-V*- text, csv, and evtx formatsComputername_evt_Hyper-V*.*
Microsoft Information – text and nfo formatComputername_msinfo32.*
Binary information – text and csv fomatComputername_sym_Drivers.*
Dump Report – text and html formatComputername_DumpReport.*
System MiniDumps*.dmp
Group Policy – text and html format ResultsComputername_GPResult.*
Installed Hotfixes – text, csv and html formatComputername_Hotfixes.*
Quick Process Performance InformationComputername_ProcessesPerfInfo.htm

Remote Desktop Session Host

The following tests are performed:
  • Determine the port that Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is configured to listen on.
  • Determine whether something is listening on the RDP port.
  • Determine whether the default RDP listener is up.
  • Determine whether the RDP listener has a certificate configured.
  • Determine whether a license server is configured.
  • Determine whether RD Session Host can communicate with the configured license server or servers.
  • Determine whether the license server certificate chain can be loaded.
  • Determine whether there are available licenses (optional, requires user consent).
  • Determine whether server has inactive ports (KB2655998)
  • Determine whether is suffering from too many DevModes2 (KB90652)
Additionally, the following file information is collected.

DescriptionFile Name
RDP settingsComputername_RDPSettings.xml
RDS settingsComputername_Win32_TerminalServiceSetting.xml
RDS session informationComputername_QWinSta.txt
RDP certificateComputername_RDPCert.cer
License server licenses (optional)LicenseServer_RDS_Licenses.xml
License server reportComputername_LicenseServerReport.txt
Remote Application connection files*_RemoteApp.rdp
Remote Application configurationComputername_RemoteApplications.xml

Remote Desktop Web Access

The following file information is collected.

DescriptionFile Name
IIS configurationComputername_IISConfig.txt

Remote Desktop Connection Broker

The following file information is collected.

DescriptionFile Name
Connection Broker SettingsComputername_ConnectionBroker_Settings.xml
Connection Broker DBComputername_ConnectionBroker_Database.txt

Remote Desktop Gateway

The following file information is collected.

DescriptionFile Name
Gateway SettingsComputername_Win32_TSGatewayLoadBalancer.xml

Remote Desktop Licensing

The following file information is collected.

DescriptionFile Name
License server SettingsComputername_Win32_TSLicenseServer.xml

Additionally, an HTML file is generated for each of the .xml settings files to explain settings and improve readability.

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