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[SDP 3][506d1864-dc2a-493c-be61-defc84fbcd60] Volume License Activation - Windows

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The "Volume License Activation - Windows troubleshooter for Support Diagnostic Platform was designed to collect information and detect problems to help troubleshoot most problems that are related to Volume License Activation on a Windows-based computer.

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More Information

This article describes the information that may be collected from a computer when you run the "Volume License Activation - Windows" troubleshooter for Support Diagnostic Platform.

Information collected

Event Logs - General
DescriptionFile Name
Event Log – Application – text, csv and evtx formats{Computername}_evt_Application.*
Event Log – System – text, csv and evtx formats{Computername}_evt_System.*
Event Log – Application - text, csv and evtx formats – events generated by Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP provider{Computername}_evt_Activation_Application_Filter.*
Event Log – Key Management Service{Computername}_evt_KeyManagementService.*
Hotfixes and Updates
DescriptionFile Name
Installed Updates/ Hotfixes{Computername}_Hotfixes.*
Networking Basic Information
DescriptionFile Name
Basic IP networking configuration information, such as Tcp/ip registry key, ipconfig, netstat, nbtstat and netsh output{Computername}_TcpIp-Info.txt
Basic SMB configuration information based on output of net.exe utility{Computername}_SMB-Info.txt
Networking Diagnostic output using netdiag.exe utility{Computername}_NetDiag.txt
Netsh ‘int ipv4’ and subcommands output{Computername}_TCPIP-Netsh-IPv4.txt
Netsh ‘int ipv6’ and ‘int 6to4’ subcommands output{Computername}_TCPIP-Netsh-IPv6.txt
Netsh ‘int tcp’ subcommands output{Computername}_TCPIP-Netsh-TCP.txt
File Version Information
DescriptionFile Name
File version information from %windir%\cluster\*.*{Computername}_sym_Cluster.*
File version information from %windir%\system32\*.dll{Computername}_sym_System32_dll.*
File version information from %windir%\system32\*.exe{Computername}_sym_System32_exe.*
File version information from %windir%\system32\*.sys{Computername}_sym_System32_sys.*
File version information from %windir%\system32\drivers folder{Computername}_sym_Drivers.*
File version information from %windir%\system32\drivers\*.*{Computername}_sym_SysWOW64_sys.*
File version information from {Program Files (x86}}\*.sys{Computername}_sym_ProgramFilesx86_sys.*
File version information from {Program Files}\*.sys{Computername}_sym_ProgramFiles_sys.*
File version information from {Program Files}\Microsoft iSNS Server\*.* and %windir%\system32\iscsi*.*{Computername}_sym_MS_Iscsi.*
File version information from all drivers currently running on machine{Computername}_sym_RunningDrivers.*
File version information from all processes currently running on machine{Computername}_sym_Process.*
File version information from print spooler folder %windir%\system32\Spool\*.*{Computername}_sym_PrintSpooler.*
Registry Keys
DescriptionFile Name
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform{Computername}_reg_SL.txt
HKU\S-1-5-20\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform{Computername}_ _reg_SL-NetworkService.txt
Server Manager/ Roles Information
DescriptionFile Name
Information about server roles installed on a server generated by servermanagercmd.exe{Computername}_ServerManagerCmdQuery.*
Server manager log file located at %windir%\logs\ServerManager.log{Computername}_ServerManager.log
DescriptionFile Name
System Information - MSInfo32 tool output – txt and nfo formats{Computername}_msinfo32.*
Resulting Set of Policy (RSoP) from Gpresult output{Computername}_gpresult.*
MGADiag utility output{Computername}_MGADiag.txt

Additional information

In addition to the files collected and listed in this article, this troubleshooter can detect one or more of the following situations:
  • Sppsvc (Software Protection service) service is not started
  • For KMS Hosts, if Windows Firewall is enabled - if the KMS rule is not enabled
  • A list of KMS hosts on which client was unable to contact – based on published KMS host and ports on DNS
  • Test connection to the cached KMS host from the client. Alert if client is unable to contact its KMS cached host
  • On KMS Hosts, alert if the machine was not yet activated against Microsoft servers
  • There are no KMS records created on DNS
  • Parses event logs 12289 on application log and alert if the event log entry indicates server did not yet reach the minimal number of requests to start activating clients
  • On KMS Hosts, check the current number of activation requests. If this number is smaller than 25, display an alert to say that KMS Host is not ready to activate Windows clients. If the number is smaller than 5, display information that the KMS host is not yet ready to activate Servers and/ or Client media
  • On KMS Hosts, display alert in case of DNS Publishing is disabled
  • Machine does not qualify to be a KMS client
  • Machine is running under a virtual environment
  • File %windir%\system32\spsys.log is present on system – which may indicate a problem with system integrity
  • Networking service account does not have full access permission on its registry key hive - HKU\S-1-5-20
  • Missing Service permissions on ACL for Plug and Play service
  • Pre-release version of Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Evaluation versions of Windows Server 2008 R2

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For more information about the diagnostic tool, click the following article number to go to the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
973559 Frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) when it is used with Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2

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