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PRB: THEAD and TFOOTER Text Is Not Printed on Each Page

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This article was previously published under Q190278

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When a table with THEAD and TFOOTER tags is printed, the expected behavior is for the header and the footer to be printed once in the entire document.

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This behavior is by design.

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Steps to Reproduce the Behavior

Create a standard HTML page with this a table tag formatted like this:
   <THEAD  style="display: table-header-group">

           <TR><TH> ...header information...------ 


      <TFOOT  style="display: table-footer-group">

           <TR><TD> ...footer information...------ 


        <TR><TD>...first row of block two data...</TD></TR>
        <TR><TD> ...second row of block two data...</TD></TR>
        <TR><TD> ...third row of block two data...</TD></TR>
        (repeat enough times to span this table across two or more printed
Print the HTML document.

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Visit the following MSDN Web site for additional information about the DHTML display property:

Visit the W3C Web site, section 12.1.3, for information about Groups of rows: the THEAD, TFOOT, and TBODY elements:
HTML 4.0 Specification

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