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September 5, 2017, update for Microsoft Audit and Control Management Server (ACM) 2013 (KB3172512)

This article describes update 3172512 for Microsoft Audit and Control Management Server 2013 that was released on September 5, 2017. This update has a prerequisite.

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Improvements and fixes

This update fixes the following issues:

  • If a monitored file does not exist or it is inaccessible in the processing folder or processing queue, the Microsoft Audit and Control Management Server (ACM) 2013 spreadsheet processor service freezes.

  • Microsoft Audit and Control Management Server (ACM) 2013 may not track changes in files when the File types to monitor field includes a file name that contains a comma. This issue occurs because the comma is treated as a separator character instead of a matched character in the file name.

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How to download and install the update

Microsoft Update

Use Microsoft Update to automatically download and install the update.

Download Center

This update is also available for manual download and installation from the Microsoft Download Center.
Virus-scan claim

Microsoft scanned this file for viruses by using the most current virus-detection software that was available on the date that the file was posted. The file is stored on security-enhanced servers that help prevent any unauthorized changes to it.

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Update information


To apply this update, you must have Microsoft Audit and Control Management Server 2013 Service Pack 1 installed.

Restart information

You may have to restart the computer after you install this update.

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More Information

How to uninstall this update

Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012

  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search. If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, and then select Search.
  2. Enter windows update, select Windows Update, and then select Installed Updates.
  3. In the list of updates, locate and select update KB33172512, and then select Uninstall.

Windows Server 2008 R2

  1. Go to Start, enter Run, and then select Run.
  2. Enter Appwiz.cpl, and then select OK.
  3. Select View installed updates.
  4. In the list of updates, locate and select update KB3172512, and then select Uninstall.

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File Information

The English (United States) version of this software update installs files that have the attributes that are listed in the following tables. The dates and the times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The dates and the times for these files on your local computer are displayed in your local time together with your current daylight saving time (DST) bias. Additionally, the dates and the times may change when you perform certain operations on the files.


acmserver-x-none.msp file information
File identifier File name File version File size Date Time
Accessprocessor.exe Accessprocessor.exe 129,152 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.accessdenied.aspx Acmserver.accessdenied.aspx Not applicable 384 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.addfilecomment.aspx Acmserver.addfilecomment.aspx Not applicable 2,567 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.addfileprocessoralias.aspx Acmserver.addfileprocessoralias.aspx Not applicable 2,910 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.addkeyitems.aspx Acmserver.addkeyitems.aspx Not applicable 5,819 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.addnewsite.aspx Acmserver.addnewsite.aspx Not applicable 2,595 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.addrawdatasheets.aspx Acmserver.addrawdatasheets.aspx Not applicable 2,877 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.arrowgrayleft_16x16x32.png Acmserver.arrowgrayleft_16x16x32.png Not applicable 191 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.arrowgrayright_16x16x32.png Acmserver.arrowgrayright_16x16x32.png Not applicable 158 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.bin.common.encryptionservices.dll Acmserver.bin.common.encryptionservices.dll 14,928 15-Aug-2017 06:03
Acmserver.bin.common.serverconfigurationdata.dll Acmserver.bin.common.serverconfigurationdata.dll 20,064 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.bin.common.webservice.dll Acmserver.bin.common.webservice.dll 725,704 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.bin.webui.dll Acmserver.bin.webui.dll 347,352 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.cannotdeletefolder.aspx Acmserver.cannotdeletefolder.aspx Not applicable 3,152 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.centraladministrators.aspx Acmserver.centraladministrators.aspx Not applicable 4,063 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.changehistoryaccess.aspx Acmserver.changehistoryaccess.aspx Not applicable 14,014 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.changehistoryexcel.aspx Acmserver.changehistoryexcel.aspx Not applicable 15,256 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.default.aspx Acmserver.default.aspx Not applicable 476 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.diffsmartclient.application.core Acmserver.diffsmartclient.application.core Not applicable 1,738 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.diffsmartclient.application Acmserver.diffsmartclient.application Not applicable 5,623 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.diffsmartclient.exe.config.deploy Acmserver.diffsmartclient.exe.config.deploy Not applicable 144 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.diffsmartclient.exe.deploy Acmserver.diffsmartclient.exe.deploy 53,408 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.diffsmartclient.exe.manifest Acmserver.diffsmartclient.exe.manifest Not applicable 7,892 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.errorcommittingdata.aspx Acmserver.errorcommittingdata.aspx Not applicable 407 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.errorgoback.master Acmserver.errorgoback.master Not applicable 2,346 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.errorstatic.master Acmserver.errorstatic.master Not applicable 1,681 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.eventlog.aspx Acmserver.eventlog.aspx Not applicable 3,598 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.filecompare.exe.deploy Acmserver.filecompare.exe.deploy 6.2.9200.16384 199,760 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.filehistory.aspx Acmserver.filehistory.aspx Not applicable 7,564 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.fileprocessoraliases.aspx Acmserver.fileprocessoraliases.aspx Not applicable 2,389 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.folderproperties.aspx Acmserver.folderproperties.aspx Not applicable 22,118 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.folderpropertiesfm.aspx Acmserver.folderpropertiesfm.aspx Not applicable 14,828 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.folderpropertiessharepoint.aspx Acmserver.folderpropertiessharepoint.aspx Not applicable 15,801 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.folderpropertiessharepointfm.aspx Acmserver.folderpropertiessharepointfm.aspx Not applicable 10,982 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.gearbody_15x14x32.png Acmserver.gearbody_15x14x32.png Not applicable 340 16-Aug-2017 04:59 Not applicable 109 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.keyitems.aspx Acmserver.keyitems.aspx Not applicable 3,467 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.menudownarrowsuite_16x16x32.png Acmserver.menudownarrowsuite_16x16x32.png Not applicable 180 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.menuseparator.png Acmserver.menuseparator.png Not applicable 162 16-Aug-2017 04:59 15.0.4963.1000 1,875,704 15-Aug-2017 06:03 15.0.4963.1000 1,638,128 15-Aug-2017 06:03 15.0.4963.1000 73,424 15-Aug-2017 05:00
Acmserver.monitoredfolders.aspx Acmserver.monitoredfolders.aspx Not applicable 9,316 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.monitoredfoldersfm.aspx Acmserver.monitoredfoldersfm.aspx Not applicable 7,720 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.myfiles.aspx Acmserver.myfiles.aspx Not applicable 5,800 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.myfilesadmin.aspx Acmserver.myfilesadmin.aspx Not applicable 6,926 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.myfolders.aspx Acmserver.myfolders.aspx Not applicable 618 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.nositeaccess.aspx Acmserver.nositeaccess.aspx Not applicable 381 16-Aug-2017 04:59 15.0.4963.1000 466,640 15-Aug-2017 06:03
Acmserver.processingfolder.aspx Acmserver.processingfolder.aspx Not applicable 2,630 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.rawdatasheets.aspx Acmserver.rawdatasheets.aspx Not applicable 2,070 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.rect.gif Acmserver.rect.gif Not applicable 80 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.servicestatus.aspx Acmserver.servicestatus.aspx Not applicable 3,995 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.sharepointhelp_16x16x32.png Acmserver.sharepointhelp_16x16x32.png Not applicable 292 16-Aug-2017 04:59 Not applicable 9,550 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.siteadministrators.aspx Acmserver.siteadministrators.aspx Not applicable 2,676 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.sitesettings.aspx Acmserver.sitesettings.aspx Not applicable 3,917 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.sortarrowdownglyph_7x10x32.png Acmserver.sortarrowdownglyph_7x10x32.png Not applicable 148 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.sortarrowupglyph_7x10x32.png Acmserver.sortarrowupglyph_7x10x32.png Not applicable 151 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.unabletoconnecttodatabase.aspx Acmserver.unabletoconnecttodatabase.aspx Not applicable 418 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.unexpectederror.aspx Acmserver.unexpectederror.aspx Not applicable 388 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.versionnotavailable.aspx Acmserver.versionnotavailable.aspx Not applicable 2,394 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Acmserver.web.config Acmserver.web.config Not applicable 2,005 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Appservice_sharepointprocessor.xml Appservice_sharepointprocessor.xml Not applicable 2,594 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Common.encryptionservices.dll Common.encryptionservices.dll 14,928 15-Aug-2017 06:03
Common.eudaauditmanager.dll Common.eudaauditmanager.dll 99,040 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Common.excelservices.dll Common.excelservices.dll 388,776 15-Aug-2017 06:03
Common.serverconfigurationdata.dll Common.serverconfigurationdata.dll 20,064 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Common.webservice.dll Common.webservice.dll 725,704 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Common.webservicewrapper.dll Common.webservicewrapper.dll 83,024 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Common.workflowactivities.dll Common.workflowactivities.dll 444,072 15-Aug-2017 06:03
Ntfseventprocessor.exe Ntfseventprocessor.exe 329,424 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Resources.resx Resources.resx Not applicable 52,416 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Serverconfiguration.exe Serverconfiguration.exe 521,800 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Sharepointfileprocessor.exe Sharepointfileprocessor.exe 278,752 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Site.css Site.css Not applicable 11,670 16-Aug-2017 04:59
Spreadsheetprocessor.exe Spreadsheetprocessor.exe 188,488 16-Aug-2017 04:59

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